7-pin kit unbranched

7-pin set unbranched




Standard, universal unbranched electrical towbar kit for cars without CAN bus. Kit contains a 7-pin socket, an automotive-dedicated YLYs 7x0,75mm2 cable, a plastic towbar cover, couplings for cables and screws connection and an instruction manual. Electric cord is connected to 7-pin socket, and whole kit is tested for proper functioning. On daily basis in our warehouse we have two most popular lengths of the kit - 1,50m and 2,00m. Other lengths are available for custom orders. In addition, we provide possibility to extend the kit with other components - plastic towbar cover with commercial print, instruction manual with clients logo, rubber grommets, car fuses, wire ending rings etc.

WH12-01-07-150-V01 – 7-pin kit unbranched 1,5m WH12-01-07-200-V01 – 7-pin kit unbranched 2,0m