Socket Ergo 13-pin

Socket Ergo 13-pin

Standard : ISO 11446

retail and wholesale



Socket made of plastic. The special design of the pin connection prevents the socket flap from breaking out. Closing spring made of spring wire. Pins made of MO58z4 brass as standard with nickel plating. Our research has shown that nickel-plated contacts even after six years of use have no signs of corrosion and the electrical connection is correct. Screws for fixing cables - M3x5.5 with a cross-socket. The screws are double galvanized and varnished, which makes them highly resistant to corrosion. For even better protection of the socket against the effects of rainfall, a rubber gasket mounted in the socket cover is standard. We also offer our customers to make an advertising print on the cover of the socket.

Order code manual:

Example 1: G12-T13-40FE – socket 13-pin ERGO with nickled contacts,with rubber seal ring, without rubber cover, with fog lights switching microswitch Example 2: G12-T13-42FM – socket 13-pin ERGO with nickled contacts,with rubber seal ring, with d30 rubber cover and mechanical fog lights switch

G12 - socket 12-volt


T13 - number of contacts in product


4 - socket ERGO 13-PIN acc. PN ISO 111446.


0 - standard version (without rubber cover)

1 - flat rubber cover

2 - d30 rubber cover

3 - d18 rubber cover



FM - with mechanical fog lights switch

FE - with fog lights switching microswitch