For almost 40 years we do everything we can to deliver quality products.
Take a look at how we got where we are now.

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It's all about an idea

Adam Turek starts his adventure in plastic processing business. This is when it all began.

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Let there be TESAT

Our own bussiness, but in a rented workshop - at least for now.

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New HQ

We change our headquarters - finally our own place. We also develop our machine park. The 12V Plug becomes our speciality.

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Safety first

We get the certificate allowing us to mark our products with the "SAFETY" mark.

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Add a socket to that plug

We introduce another product. The 12V Socket.

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Home sweet home

We move to Ludowa Street in Wrocław - this is our home now. This is where our production line is.

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We expand to non-domestic markets. Our product range widens, as we modernise and develop new machines in our park. We start manufacturing towbar covers and electric towbar installations.

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More doesn't hurt

We upgrade our machine park further, we also aquire another molding injection machine.

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We deploy specialized automatic machine for pins processing, designed by our engineering team.

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We strive for perfection

More and more designs and modernised equipment for mold injection machines. Additional products. We introduce lighting installations for trailers, bicycle trunks and agricultural machinery.

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The World awaits

We begin our adventure with international exhibitions. Automechanika Frankfurt - here we come!

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There's more and more of us

We further develop cable bundle production. It's also time to buy an automated crimping tool, designed to speed up pin processing.

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New production hall

Our second production hall opens. We celebrate this landmark moment by throwing a party

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We develop our IT department. We upgrade our website. Our products are available in retail, as we open our e-commerce platform.

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